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Feature Stories In LDS Media

Hello Brethren. As always it is a pleasure to come online, post great stories, talks, insights or even, general information. Today, I again have some more stories from the L.D.S. Wire (My nickname that includes all major LDS news; i.e.,,,

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Woman Overcomes Fathers Dark Past With Family ; Gospel 
       -Melissa Moore was 15 in 1995 when her life changed forever.         Her mother sat her and her siblings down in their grandmother’s basement, where they had lived since    their parent’s divorce, and broke the news. Their father, Keith Hunter Jesperson, a man who Moore remembers as generally well mannered, playful and gregarious, if sometimes odd, had been jailed for the murder of his fiancĂ©e.
        But it didn’t end there. By the end of the investigation, Jesperson had confessed to eight murders in all over the course of five years and had been given four life sentences for the murders the court had tried.(Click the link- which is the story name, for the complete story)
Swindler's Tithing Returned
         OGDEN -- A settlement agreement with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for more than $200,000 is among the dozens of lawsuits and hundreds of filings that are part of the federal Securities and Exchange Commission enforcement action against convicted swindler Val Southwick. Southwick, 63, is serving what likely will be a life prison term, sentenced in June 2008 for bilking some 800 investors of $142 million. The state Board of Pardons in December opted not to see Southwick again until the year 2025.
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          The Latter-day Saint edition of the Holy Bible in Spanish, a project that has spanned several years, is now available, and a print run of 800,000 copies has already been completed. It is one of the most significant scripture projects ever undertaken by the Church. The volume contains new chapter headings, footnotes and cross-references to all scriptures used by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
           In a letter read on Sunday in thousands of Spanish-speaking Latter-day Saint congregations, the Church’s First Presidency said: “We encourage each of you to obtain a personal copy of this new edition and to use it in your regular personal and family study and at Church. As you prayerfully learn and teach from the scriptures, your knowledge and testimony will increase, your love of family will expand, your ability to serve others will enlarge, and you will receive greater spiritual strength.”
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         Nick Vujicic captivates a crowd with his voice, his movements and his belief in the power of God — and that's all he needs.          Even though he was born without arms and legs, Vujicic doesn't consider it a disability. He's plenty able. He swims, he types, and most important to him, Vujicic spreads a hidden message: If he can do it, anybody can do it.
        "If you look into my eyes, I am the richest man on earth," Vujicic said while leaning forward with animation in every movement. " Many people think, 'Wow, having no arms and legs is such a big disability.' The real disability is not knowing who we are in Christ."
(Click the link- which is the story name, for the complete story :***: This story was originally featured on Deseret News, visit  Minister Without Limbs Captivates LDS & Evangelical Members - Full Deseret News Story)

Spirit Calms Horrors of War for Italian Convert
          Bombs raining down on her head and other horrors of war fostered a disdain for Americans in the heart of Ivers Fuzari, who was a teenager living under the Mussolini regime in Italy during World War II.           An obvious question during a recent Church News interview with the bright, charming and faithful convert in her apartment was: How did the American missionaries get into her home — then in Petropolis, Brazil — to teach her family the gospel?
          Not totally confident in her English, Sister Fuzari did a pantomime. She stood up firm and erect and shoved her foot forward.
          After she answered the knock, the missionary stuck his foot in the door?
          She nodded.
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Editor's note: This story is one profile of the New York Times "One in 8 Million" series, which tells the stories of New York characters in sounds and images.
  Since January, Ms. Zhao has been volunteering in Chinatown and living with another missionary on the Lower East Side. She converted to Mormonism three years ago while studying at Brigham Young University in Utah.
  Click Here (This will direct you to the video Featured on The New York Times) to listen to Ms. Zhao relate her experiences and to watch a brief slideshow following her through a day in her life as a missionary.



The length of this talk is 47:01

President Monson recalls 9 predecessors
By Scott Taylor
Deseret News
Tuesday, Sep. 15, 2009
PROVO, Utah -- Listing favorite foods ranging from pies to pickles and guiding principles from compassion to persistence, LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson provided a personal primer of his nine immediate predecessors as he spoke at Tuesday's Brigham Young University devotional.

President Monson, who in February 2008 became the 16th president of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, shared a laundry list of information -- tenures, traits, anecdotes and personal favorites -- of the nine LDS presidents who have served in his lifetime as he spoke to a near-capacity crowd at BYU's 22,000-seat Marriott Center.

Each guided the church through writings, messages and examples. "To show us the way," President Monson said, "we have those whom the Lord has provided."

He highlighted guiding principles in paying individual tribute to the previous nine.

LDS Church President Thomas S. Monson, left, with BYU president Cecil O. Samuelson prior to Tuesday's devotional. Photo: Stuart Johnson, Deseret News
Some were one-word summations -- such as "persistence" for President Heber J. Grant, "compassion" for President George Albert Smith and "dedication" for President Spencer W. Kimball -- while others were multi-word phrases, such as "do your best" from President Gordon B. Hinckley and "be in tune with and be responsive to the whisperings of the spirit" from President Harold B. Lee.

President Monson also provided personal favorites for each -- a hymn, a quotation and, to the smiles of his audience, a favorite food.

Besides the preferred dish of bread and milk favored by several, President Monson shared other culinary delights of modern-day prophets -- President Joseph Fielding Smith's penchant for sweet pickles, President David O. McKay's craving for Cummings chocolates, President Ezra Taft Benson's taste for fresh raspberries and President Howard W. Hunter's choice of Alaskan crab.

President Monson also shared several examples and anecdotes -- ranging from inspiring to humorous -- for each of the nine who served the nine decades from 1918 to 2008.

Several anecdotes were tender personal interactions recalled by President Monson, such as his call to the apostleship in 1963 at the age of 36 from President McKay and the time President Lee -- his boyhood stake president -- graciously joined him in giving his son a priesthood blessing prior to surgery for a tumor in his leg.

"What can we learn from the presidents whom I have known and about whom I have visited with you today?" President Monson asked. "We can learn that they never wavered, never faltered, never failed; that they are men of God."

He included Jesus Christ in the equation. "Let us follow Him. He has sent presidents of the church whom we can have as a guide and whom we can follow."

President Monson deferred including any description of himself. "As the 16th president of the church, my story is yet to be summarized by those who will follow," he said. "In the meantime, I pledge my life, my strength -- all that I have to offer -- in serving the Lord and in directing the affairs of His church in accordance with His will and by His inspiration."

Let me generalize for a minute about parenthood. We all want to be good parents, and we want our children to be happy. We try to teach our children the principles of Christ's gospel so they will make good decisions in a world that grows increasingly wicked. We attend our church meetings, shoot for daily scripture study and prayer, and try to hold family home evening weekly.
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ROSWELL, Ga. -- The real happiness in life comes from the Savior's Atonement, faith and family -- not fame, Dale and Nancy Murphy say.
During a fireside Sept.12 at the Roswell Georgia Stake center, the Murphys, who now live in Utah, spoke about searching for happiness, the fleeting nature of fame and the important things in life -- faith and family. They also reminisced about the years when Dale Murphy was playing baseball for the Atlanta Braves and they were living in the Roswell Ward.
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