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The Book Of Helaman

As shown in The Book Of Mormon: Chapter Heading Preamble

An account of the Nephites. Their wars and contentions, and their dissensions. And also the prophecies of many holy prophets, before the coming of Christ, according to the records of Helaman, who was the son of Helaman, and also according to the records of his sons, even down to the coming of Christ. And also many of the Lamanites are converted. An account of their conversion. An account of the righteousness of the Lamanites, and the wickedness and abominations of the Nephites, according to the record of Helaman and his sons, even down to the coming of Christ, which is called the book of Helaman. 

It is here, in The Book Of Helaman that we see a heavy establishment of those "Secret Combinations", even those of which the infamous Kishkumen was known for.

Starting in Chapter One, Lets do a year by year breakdown, marking years of righteousness and happiness against those of wickedness or iniquity. The book starts (As stated in verse one, marked by "*" ) in the year 52 B.C. Also referred to in verse one as The "Fortieth year of the reign of the Judges".

Its worth noting here, that things were so horrible, so bad and out of line with the commandments that, at the end of verse one it says; "...there began to be a serious difficulty among the people of the Nephites."

In 91 B.C. (see the end of the book of Mosiah) King Mosiah convinced the people that they did not want a king, nor should they suffer there to be one because not all kings could be accounted for righteous kings.... whether their Fathers raised them or not. A great example of this, is King Noah. King Noah's pride caused his haughtiness and wicked ways to cause heavy burdens on his people.  Succession of the Judges were somewhat alright, and with a little chaos here and there. But, for the most part, good. 40 years of the reign of the judges passed (That being the entire book of Alma) and some things start to happen in the ranks of government.

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