Friday, March 12, 2010

Healing From Depression Through Jesus Christ

Hello Brethren,

What a joy it is again to post more videos... more things to help solidify my testimony to you. A witness that these things are true. I do this blog, not just as a means of enlightening those of my brethren in Plainview, Texas Branch..... but also the world. A broad range I know. We have a given mandate to do that of which the Apostles have done, both in days of old and in the Latter-Days.

"...behold, I command all men everywhere to repent, and I speak unto you, even as unto Paul mine apostle, for you are called even with that same calling with which he was called." (D & C 18:9)

So it is my pleasure to share my testimony and witness to all concerning the truthfulness of this work. I know it is true!

Take notice brethren that ALL 5 videos (Feature 5 Videos- 1 at top of blog & 4 at bottom) have been changed. I also have posted a newer and special video from my friend Seth Adam Smith below. Its great, I hope you enjoy!


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